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      The best Conquer online private servers. FIND OUT NOW

      Some Features about servers.

      ● Choose between an EU & USA servers includes latest patches.

      ● High drop CPs per monster.

      ● Reaches level 140 (Max level is 145 with VIP 6).

      ● Max +12 of items.

      ● New Epic weapons.

      ● 8 balanced classes to choose from: Dragon-Warrior, Archer, Taoist, Warrior, Trojan, Pirate, Ninja and Monk.

      ● Balanced Attack.

      ● Anti 'Cheat System' , 'Bot' , 'Speed'.

      ● Balance BattlePower with Guild, Clan , levels and Items.

      ● We have more than 25 wars. CHECK WARS TIME FROM HERE.

      ● That information above isn't all features. Join us now to see all features.

      Please let us five minutes and read this rules below.

    • Games Rules 2015-11-03

      ● Do not impersonate staff members.

      ● Abusing bugs will lead to your account being banned.

      ● Selling/buying Accounts/CPS/Items will not be tolerated.

      ● Do not beg/spam a GM for free CPs or items - It wont happen and will only get you in trouble.

      ● Insulting a GM/PM will lead to an account ban (Up to the GM/PM to decide how long the ban will be.

      ● Any kind of harassment will not be tolerated and will lead to a 3 day account ban and more if continued.

      ● Sharing accounts is at your own risk. If it gets hacked or banned for breaking a rule, we will not help you.

      ● Using cheats, macros or bots such as auto-clicking, speedhacking or using any other cheat-engine will lead to an account ban.

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    • Please take a note this details below only for Arabian players ●
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